About us and Investments

Ideal Pharma Peptide GmbH is an innovative European company in Germany.

Using international experience and knowledge on the peptides, the company has developed the production technology and methods of analysis for peptide complexes; it is conducting research on the effectiveness of their use, both in pure form and in peptide-based products.

Sophisticated, high-tech process of the peptide and peptide complex production implies the presence of complex biotechnological innovations and techniques, enormous scientific and laboratory facilities, it allows the company to take the leading place in a new segment of the market of peptides and commodity systems based on them.

Peptide complexes for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industry for the production of sports nutrition and dietary supplements designed by Ideal Pharma Peptide GmbH were the epitome of the results of global research. Peptide complexes we offer represent high-tech raw materials ready for use in your ambitious plans. This is an opportunity to create innovative products and bring them to market.

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Investments in innovations increase your profits

Investments in innovative products eventually lead to a high added value when compared with products available on the market and thus maximize the profit of your company. The standard products presuppose strong competition and therefore lower added value for the manufacturing company.

We offer our partners an opportunity to increase rentability via lower expenses, to improve technology and make the most of the production capacity. Actual production costs (staff, space, equipment and energy) are reduced, there is no residual stock at the warehouses, there is no need to purchase additional components (anti-clotting agents, moisture retainers, sliding agents and others), there is no need to address the issues of mixing and obtaining a homogeneous raw material or considering different periods of raw material shelf life and its availability at your production site

By receiving ready-made innovative complexes, our partners obtain a business solution with a high added value of the end product. Taking into account that each product brought to market has its own life cycle, we strive to be a step ahead and offer innovative complexes right from the beginning which will allow our partners to redesign the future portfolio of their product line.

In today’s fast-paced world, investments in innovation represent the company’s competitiveness. Those who use advanced scientific solutions before their competitors do have the maximum competitive advantage and are rapidly moving ahead.

The first companies presenting innovative products seize a significant market share and maximize profits.

The amount of global market of products containing peptides, bln $